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First of all, these aren’t letters, per say. For one, its addressed to no one and for another, these are going to be more like diary entires. Secondly, this is a true story. Here goes...




Palakkad, Kerala

No one,

It all started with Chocos.

Long long ago (well, not that long ago, in Feb. 2012, actually) my mother came home after work to find a mummy dog and her two pups in our porch. She (my mother, not the dog) got off her scooter, opened the gate and said, “shoo”—a pretty clear instruction, if you ask me. However, the mummy dog got up and left (as leisurely as possible) and the pups ran under our car. The rest of the evening (and night) was spent trying to get the pups to leave. We couldn’t let them stay. You see, my parents worked, and I was useless and had college to deal with. We just came home to sleep, a pet would have been very lonely and not well taken care of, plus, we wouldn’t have been able to go anywhere for long periods of time, leaving the pet unattended (we usually don’t go anywhere, unless there’s a wedding somewhere, or relatives to visit over some holiday). Well, that’s what we thought, at the time.

Anyhow, my mother was squeamish about touching dogs/puppies (she grew up with chickens and calves. Dogs, foxes and crows were her natural enemies) so she nudged them into a cardboard box and gently dropped them over our compound wall into an overgrown (with plants, weeds, coconut trees) plot of land. This alone took hours, the pups were good at running from behind one car tyre to another. Now, this plot is dark at night and there is a street light right in front of my house and, our front gate is like a metal mesh with square gaps in it. You see where this is going, right? Every night, after dark, the pups would squirm through the gate and stay under our car, which is within the pool of light sponsored by that street light I just mentioned. And every night, we’d drop them over the wall again. There was a heap of coconut leaves on the other side of our wall, the pups stayed under there during daytime. The mummy dog (a typical, brown furred, pointy eared, curly tailed INDog) would meet them there in the morning, feed them, and leave. And then, one day, she stopped visiting them.  

By now, we were getting used to them staying under our car. They were just babies who were scared of the dark, after all. But, now that mummy stopped showing up (we never found out what happed to her) in just one day, those white and brown balls of fur turned into bags of bone. So, we poured some milk into a small plate and pushed it towards the car...and our fate was sealed.

The bigger pup knocked the smaller one down and growled. Survival of the fittest, I guess. Then, the bigger one, while drinking the milk, stepped on the plate and spilled it. We tried giving them some milk-soaked bread, but that just made them cough, so we stuck to milk (cow’s milk, in case you were wondering). That night, the older pup stood in front of the car, howled like a pro (with the voice of a squeaky toy) and barked at any movement in our street in a ‘who goes there?’ kind of way. We should have known then that they had adopted us <3

To be continued…

Too many deaths on the dog-side of the family. Sigh*


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